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Each facial is customized to your

personal skin type & skin condition,

for women and men.​

Package of 3 Facials (50 min each) $189

Package of 6 Facials (50 min each) $384

With regular treatments, results are cumulative with professional products

 & pro treatments.

Retail products for sale in-suite.

Professional facial treatments can:

reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles,

reduce acne by deep cleansing,

hydrate dry skin,

reduce age spots and other

hyper-pigmentation (melasma),

and re-balance sensitized/damaged skin.

Relaxing Botanical Facial $69

If you're not sure which facial to book, this is a great choice.  This is a relaxing facial 

using professional botanical skin care products infused with essential oils customized for your skin, includes relaxing face massage - 50 minutes

Anti-Aging Facial $69

This facial uses products aimed to reduce the signs of aging, includes lymphatic face massage to reduce puffiness - 50 minutes.

You have the option of adding LED red light to increase collagen production in

the dermis.

Acne Facial $69

Great choice for oily & acneic skin types. This is a gentle deep cleansing facial to unclog your skin's follicles & pores, using activated charcoal wash, enzyme to clean out pores, charcoal scrub and charcoal mask, oil-free moisturizer.  Extractions included if needed.

 Includes high frequency (kills acne causing bacteria on skin surface) - 50 minutes. 

You have the option to add LED blue light

 to slow production of excess sebum, 

and/or LED green light to decrease dark spots (hyperpigmentation) from past acne breakouts for $10 extra (10 minutes)

Face massage NOT included.

Signature Deluxe Facial $109

This very luxurious facial with double cleansing, exfoliation, and triple masking to ensure anti-aging benefits with super hydration included, with a lymphatic & acupressure face massage -  finished with anti-aging eye serum, lip treatment (Vitamin E) and SPF. Neck/shoulder or foot massage included - 70 minutes

Gold Facial $89

This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation,  24K gold anti-oxidant peel off mask & gold serums, and hydration, with relaxing face massage - 50 minutes

Men's Facial $69 

customized products for a

man's delicate skin - 50 minutes

CBD Anti-Inflammatory Facial $89

CBD is a natural super rich antioxidant, reduces inflammation naturally, increases hydration of our skin -

(contains NO THC)

50 minutes

Blue-Cran Oxygen Facial $69

Blueberries and cranberries are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C (which fight off free radicals that cause cell damage & aging). Pomegranate, hibiscus, rhubarb and dandelion also help give you a youthful glow and add bioflavanoids to fight the aging process - 50 minutes

Soothing Seaweed Facial $69

For youthful, balanced, glowing and nourished skin. This seaweed facial uses

 bio available plant-based nutrients to cleanse & nourish your skin. 

Seaweed contains over 90 minerals that are great for anti-aging, cell generation, soothing irritation, restoring and healing your beautiful skin -  50 minutes

Pumpkin Facial $69

For resilient skin types. Pumpkin naturally contains powerful antioxidants with

 Vitamins A and C.  This facial will exfoliate and brighten your skin. Lactic Acid will help clean out follicles to reduce

appearance of 'large pores', and reduces hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Hydrates & brightens- 50 minutes


There is a facial for every skin type, condition and concern ! 

Your first appointment will include a thorough consultation to determine the best course of treatment plan for your

skin type.

**Home care products are highly recommended to be purchased at this

time to continue your cleansing routine at home to get the best skin results that you are looking for.

These are focused-result treatments ~

for the dedicated person looking

to see results.

Includes 6 (bi weekly) chemical peel treatments. Packages are non-refundable once purchased.

Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic, Mandelic, Phytic, Jessner's, Modified Jessner's, TCA and many others.


First appointment is about 1 hour 

including consultation.

Appointments 2-6 are about 45 min each. All appointments are booked at first session, and are spaced about 2-3 weeks apart.

Full prepayment is required for the series.

SINGLE TREATMENT $89.00 (45 min)

A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing treatment, known as chemical exfoliation. Applied to the skin to remove the top layer of dead skin. Production of collagen will create smoother and clearer skin in about 30 days as your skin renews itself.  

Treats fine lines, wrinkles, 

skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation

 and better appearance and clearer skin.

*Must patch test 72 hours prior to

your first chemical peel appointment. This will help determine if you may be allergic or sensitive to the ingredients used.

 Dermaplaning is a painless procedure

 that removes the top layer of 

dead skin cells and the vellus

 "peach fuzz" hair with a sharp blade.

It smooths skin, removes hair, brightens complexion. Allows for better absorption 

of professional skin products.

  Your skin will glow after this facial !

Time: 70 minutes

Also known as collagen induction therapy. 

Non-invasive 'needling' creates 

controlled micro-channels in the skin

to stimulate collagen & elastin production, skin renewal and repair. Allows skincare ingredients to more efficiently penetrate deeper into your skin for greater benefit.

Microneedling can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, reduce follicle "pore" size, reduces sun damage and 

age spots (known as hyper-pigmentation), 

and gives skin an overall tighter, brighter and smoother appearance. 

Face numbing cream is applied for approx 20 minutes prior to needling to avoid discomfort.

Best if done monthly for a series of 

6 treatments, for best results. 

Time:  full face 50 minutes

(this includes 20 minutes of numbing, cleansing, serums and after care)

Face may appear red & slightly puffy

 after treatment. 

*Avoid heat/exercise/swimming for 

24-48hours after microneedling. Stay out of the sun for 2 weeks following treatment; Always wear a mineral (zinc) based SPF 30 or higher.

All instructions provided before treatment begins. Price includes take-home samples to use for 5 days immediately following treatment.

Nano Infusion is a super HYDRATING treatment for your skin. Think of this as supercharged liquid hydration for dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin appears more 'plump' and

 hydrated after treatment.

Safe for most skin types.

 Nano infusion can complement other treatments. 

No downtime. No numbing required.

Time:  40 minutes 

(this includes cleansing, serums and moisturizer)

 This non-invasive treatment gently exfoliates the outer layer of skin.  

Noticeable results after 1st session.

After a series of treatments, your complexion can appear smoother, brighter, and more even in color. 

Great for:

dull or dry complexion,

uneven skin tone or texture,


old acne scars

Allows for better absorption of professional skin care products.

This is a great alternative for sensitive skin that cannot tolerate chemical peels. 

No downtime. 

Time:  60 minutes

LED light (photo therapy) targets cells at certain depths in our skin to create the results we want.  Various colors of the light spectrum target different skin concerns based on the depth this light reaches in our epidermis/dermis.

Benefits of LED light:


Blue LED:  sebaceous (oil) glands are rendered less active (your skin will product LESS sebum), and kills acne-causing bacteria so your skin can heal and reduce acne lesions.


Red LED:  stimulates the production of

collagen and elastin to provide anti-aging benefits giving the appearance of less fine lines/wrinkles.

Green LED:  triggers melanosomes and chromatophores to reduce (age spots) hyperpigmentation. 

Yellow LED:  helps increase lymphatic 

flow.  Our lymphatic system is what rids the body of dead cells, viruses, bacteria, toxins, pollution (all the nasty stuff we don't want in our bodies).

As with any facial service/treatment, 

with regular and continued use of this special light device you will see better results.

Time:  20 minutes

This back treatment starts with an exfoliating scrub to rid the dead skin on your back. 

A seaweed or mud mask is applied next, 

then removed with hot towels, then massaged for 10 minutes. Toner and oil-free moisturizer complete this Back Glow. This is a great treatment to keep your back looking beautiful year-round. 

Softens, smooths and invigorates !

Acne extractions included, if needed.

Time:  40 minutes

Microcurrent uses low-voltage electricity

 to stimulate muscle movement, 

stimulate collagen production, 

tig​hten and smooth skin.  

It temporarily smooths fine lines/wrinkles.

Safe, gentle, targeted, pain-free.

Time:  70 minutes

A 110 minute total Facial with Massage. Booked as a combo to save you money. 

Both must be taken together during the same reserved appointment time for the same person. 

Massage: Swedish, Aromatherapy or Cupping

Paraffin is a type of semi solid wax-type hydration treatment, used to relieve tired and arthritic hands/feet. The heat helps to relax soft tissue.  Includes an exfoliation scrub, hot towel, paraffin, short massage, moisturizer. Includes hands OR feet.    If you'd prefer hands AND feet, this can be arranged for an upcharge.  30 minutes.