If you are sick, have a fever, or just feel yucky on appointment day, PLEASE alert me to reschedule...that's all I ask.

If you 'NO SHOW', your credit card will be charged the flat $ 45 fee. 

It's better to stay home when you're not well than risk getting others sick. 




Available by APPOINTMENT 

TUES-FRI 8am-2pm

SAT & SUN 8am -1pm

If you have any allergies, please advise at time of booking


Client Conduct

It is imperative that all clients be respectful of boundaries;

Your therapist will follow the 

Code of Ethics for Massage Therapy.


Any inconsiderate or rude behavior on your part will NOT be tolerated, and your session will end immediately with full payment due.


  Please fill out the below form(s) that pertain to your first visit. You can return by email (or present them at your appointment).

  Forms will be safely kept on file for future reference.

Sanitation Policy and Products

I keep my spa suite entirely clean and is disinfected in between every client, for your protection and mine.  Starting with the changing area:  the chair, stand with baby wipes and hand sanitizer (for your use) are always wiped down after each client leaves and this includes the LED light, clothes hangers and hooks.

I even disinfect my entire floor after each client leaves the suite, as is everything in my spa suite:

massage table cover, face cradle cover (with disposable covers), door knobs, sink & handles, lamps/switches, equipment (towel warmer, body and skin equipment and tools), all products & bottles used during each treatment;

For 'low-touch' experience, feel free to fill out these forms in advance online (to your left) and bring them with you to your appointment or email them to me prior to your appointment:  Health Intake Form, Policy Notification, Liability Release Form, and any other Consent Forms for the services you are receiving.  If you fill out the forms upon arrival, I have a clean pen for you to use and keep as your souvenir !

All washable linens are washed in hot water & sanitizer with 'Free & Clear' detergent to avoid possible allergies;

I have disposable linens for massage table (in suite), available at no additional cost if you would prefer these.  Just let me know before your appointment.

I'm currently using disposable hot towels (for facials) in my towel warmer;

My cell phone and POS payment ('touchless') machine are wiped with disinfectant throughout the day;

Cups and Hot Stones (for massage) have always been washed in hot (antibacterial) soapy water & then disinfected with EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant (as required by AZ state board requirements).

All tools are cleaned & disinfected after each use (as required by AZ state board requirements).

I always wear my mask and gloves during each treatment and for each new client arriving into the suite (mask & gloves always replaced with each new client). 

For more advanced services such as microneedling, microderm, and LED photo (light) therapy, I also wear my eye protection when needed, and clients are required to wear light-blocking eye goggles during LED services to protect the delicate eye area.

As always, I wash my hands before & after every client, and sanitized gloved hands prior to each treatment (as required by AZ state board requirements). 

 Common sense, right ? I thought so.

P.S.   I am also CPR-Certified (every year) as a precaution, Milady Pro Infection Protection certified, Rejuvenate Spa & Salon Infection Protection certified, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards certified.

You have no need to worry about cleanliness or safety in my suite. I take care of everything, so YOU CAN RELAX and ENJOY YOUR SERVICES.

I use only high quality massage lubricants, professional skin care products, essential oils and cleaning products that meet & exceed standards of this industry. 

Whenever possible, these products are

 * Organic * 100% Pure * Fair Trade* Wild Crafted  *  Therapeutic * Virgin/First Cold Pressed * Raw/Unrefined * Unadulterated *  Cruelty-Free/Vegan *  and Hypo-Allergenic.  (Many of these terms are not regulated by our industry,  I'm just trying to get my point across that I use the best of the best).


Many of my products contain Aloe Vera which is

highly soothin​g, calming and healing to your skin.

**  If you have any allergies or sensitivities (such as nut or seed allergy), please advise at time of booking.

Unscented products also available for use.

Does a contraindication mean that massage treatment cannot take place?

Not always.  In fact, massage can be very therapeutic for many medical conditions. 

However, in the below cases it is best to have WRITTEN APPROVAL from your 

healthcare physician before massage can take place:

(Click here for Physician Permission Form) 

Licensed Massage Therapists cannot attempt to diagnose a condition.

Massage Contraindications:


Embolism of any kind (Thrombosis, VTE, PE, DVT, 

phlebitis, blood clotting disorders),



if you are currently in cancer treatments,

diabetes (unless well managed), 

high blood pressure (unless well managed),

 heart condition,

kidney disease,

open sores or wounds,

recent surgery,

under the influence of drugs, alcohol, including prescribed 



 Please ....

Do NOT schedule a massage if you have any of the below:

fever, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, contagious disease such as Influenza, herpes, Strep throat, Scarlet Fever,

and/or severe pain (of any kind),

contagious skin rashes (such as ringworm, impetigo, scabies, shingles, chickenpox, athletes foot, Poison ivy/oak/sumac, Staph infections, etc).

If you have a scheduled appointment already...

 and you have (or think you may have) any condition listed here, please call to reschedule your appointment when you're feeling better and not contagious.

.... Thank you